Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 8 Gifts For The Photographer Mom

photographer mom gift guide

Mother’s Day is here, which means the time has come to honor your mom / wife / partner with love, affection, a home cooked breakfast (preferably consisting of waffles), and –– oh yes –– presents. So many presents.

If the main woman in your world is a professional photographer or dabbles in photography as a creative pursuit, check out our gift guide! These treats are budget-friendly (with the exception of a few splurges), flawlessly designed, and will make taking photos that much more fun this Mother’s Day. 

mother's day gift guide photographer

Poppy 3D

Don’t worry, the Poppy 3D turns your iPhone into a 3D camera. So yes, it’s basically the coolest invention in the history of the world, save for pizza. At only $59.95, it would insane not to buy it for your mom –– not to mention everyone else in your life. See you never, May paycheck!

mothers day gift ideas photographers

Holga Superheadz TLR

How neat is this Superheadz TLR camera from Holga? It’s so stylish that it could serve as room-decor, and comes with a twin lens reflex and hotshoe. Buy at Holga for $104.99 –– not terrible for a professional camera!

photographer mom gift ideas

iPhone Lens Case

First of all, this Izzi iPhone case is covered in pineapples, so it’s automatically fabulous (not to mention extremely cheerful). But the cherry on top is definitely the four interchangeable lenses! Turning your iPhone into a faux pro-camera has never been so easy. Buy for $109.95.

gift ideas for mothers

Disposable Camera App

The Disposable Camera app from PhotoJojo turns your iPhone into a temporary disposable camera. Confused? Basically you download the app for $12.99, take your photos, and get 27 prints in the mail –– free shipping.

mothers day gift ideasThat’s it! No previews, no re-dos –– just good ol’ fashioned disposable camera goodness.

Bloom Theory Strap

We’ve featured Bloom Theory straps before (in previous gift guides, which we highly suggest), and the collection has only gotten more gorgeous with time.

Turning what’s otherwise a pretty utilitarian item into a beautiful accessory, Bloom Theory has taken camera straps to the next level.

It was almost impossible to pick a favorite, but this combination scarf/strap is not only made of luxurious material, it just screams spring –– snatch up for $79 here.

gift guide mother's day

Leather Camera Bag

This sleek leather bag from Etsy is reasonably priced at $38.59 –– and though this particular style fits a Fuji Fujifilm Instax, you can purchase an array of sizes for various cameras. Otherwise known as a Mother’s Day win.

mother's day gift guide

Pocket Pinhole Camera

We couldn’t pass up a pocket pinhole camera — especially one that’s got a little bit of DIY to it!

This little cutie is easy to assemble, uses simple 35mm film, and best of all, it’s handmade.

mothers day ideas for photographers

Buy from Modcloth for $144.99 if you feel like splurging on your mom!

iPhone Tripod

In the market for something practical? For the non-nonsense photographer mom who just wants gear, gear, gear, check out this sleek iPhone tripod and zoom lens from Restoration Hardware (yes, really!)

It’s adorable (as all pint-sized things are), useful (hello, it’s both a tripod and a lense) and also takes surprisingly good quality photos –– especially considering it’s just $40.

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