Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Small Business Owners

small business gift ideas

Office supplies don’t exactly scream luxury, which is why most at-home work spaces tend to be on the drab side. If your mom, wife or partner owns a business, it’s time to help spruce up her office with some seriously stellar accessories.

These Mother’s Day gifts will pump up the volume on any work space (both at home and remote), so you might as well buy them for the lucky lady in your life! Or yourself. You know, either way.

mothers day ideas

Metallic Backup Charger

Charge your phone up to 80% with this sleek backup charger. After all, your mom should feel fabulous all the time –– even when she’s freaking out because her phone’s about to die. Buy at Leif for $30.

mother's day gifts for small business owners

Bronze Ball Point Pen

Taking notes during a meeting will never be boring again thanks to this glitzy rollerball pen from ystudio. Made from brass and copper, it basically doubles as a work of art. Buy for a cool $100.

small business gift ideas

Made from brass and copper, it basically doubles as a work of art. Buy for a cool $100.

Hanging Desk Organizer

Does your mom or wife work from home? Then she probably needs some cute, functional storage solutions that maximize space without sacrificing style.

Check out this hanging desk organizer from Anthropologie. With a corkboard, pockets for all kinds of cools, and a simple, elegant look, this cool wooden structure is perfect for the home office.

It’s pricey at $328, but you can’t beat the design and practicality.

small business mothers day gift ideas

Postage Stamp Holder

How cool is this brass stamp holder? We love the elegant engraving on the side, and the fact that it holds 100 Forever Stamps is a major bonus. This is a great addition to your mom’s office, so buy at Oh Hello Friend for just $10.

small business gift guides

Willow Speaker

Check out this sophisticated reclaimed willow speaker –– not only is it bluetooth ready, it easily fills an entire room (or office) with sound. If you want to go all out and spoil your mom, buy up this gift for $349 at Salvage Audio.

small business gift ideas

Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Because why use regular Scotch Tape when you can use tape designed by Kate Spade? Buy for $23.

small business gift ideas

Emoji Cards

Okay, so these are technically place cards, but as far as we’re concerned they should be in every office –– whether you’re taking notes, sending a letter, or just staring at them in adoration. Snatch up at Barney’s for $48 and bring an emoji-smile to your mom’s face.


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