Music & Audio Podcast 22: Brendan Murphy of Counterparts


I’ve always appreciated bands that can move between different scenes without it feeling forced, weird, or ridiculous. Ontario’s Counterparts are one of those bands, having played with an absurdly diverse array of bands including Defeater, Chunk No Captain Chunk, Veil of Maya, State Champs, and many more. Although they essentially play melodic hardcore/metalcore, for whatever reason they’re one of those bands that seems to fit in wherever they go.

“Witness,” from Counterparts’ latest album “The Difference Between Hell And Home”

Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy and I have followed each on the internet for a while, and I’ve always appreciated his sense of humor and take on things, so I thought it would be cool to finally sit down and talk shop with him. We talked about Counterparts’ roots in the hardcore scene, how they find a creative balance between accessibility and technicality, working with producer Will Putney, and why Brendan listens to The 1975 more than Terror.


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