Music & Audio Podcast 26: Scott Lewis from Carnifex


Carnifex are one of the few remaining members of the deathcore explosion of the mid 2000s, having survived the massive glut of copycats and trendhoppers and the inevitable implosion that followed. They’ve slowly but surely carved out a career for themselves through sheer force of will, and are now among the scene’s elder statesmen.

“Hatred and Slaughter,” from their latest album

I roped in my friend Eyal Levi (who worked on their latest album) to co-host with me, and we caught up with Carnifex vocalist Scott Lewis to talk about the factors behind their longevity, how they survived the “MySpace deathcore bubble,” what they’ve learned from working with producers like Zuess, Dan Castleman and Mark Lewis, and some tips for extreme metal vocalists who want to keep their voice intact for a decade like Scott has.


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