Music & Audio Podcast 30: Dan and Brandon from Atreyu


I’ve been a fan of Atreyu since the early 2000s, from their start as an Orange County metalcore band to their then-shocking transformation into a hook-filled rock band that was something like a downtuned version of Bon Jovi on “Lead Sails Paper Anchor.” The album was ahead of its time and had more than its fair share of haters at the time, but in hindsight it’s one of the few albums of that era that stood the test of time and still sounds great today. Why? Because they had SONGS, something that a lot of their peers didn’t seem to pay attention to.

Atreyu’s latest single, “Long Live”

The band is back with a new album on Spinefarm, and I took the chance to connect with Dan and Brandon on their approach to songwriting, what they’ve learned over the years and from working with the likes on John Feldmann, and how the key to a great song is focusing on one or two really solid ideas. Apologies for the sound quality, Brandon was calling in from the dark side of the moon so his connection wasn’t the clearest.


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