4 Important New Year’s Resolutions For Artists

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Losing weight, hitting the gym, cutting down on the booze. These are all admirable resolutions to make before the ball drops on New Year’s. But maybe you also really, truly want to bear down and start on your dream project. These resolutions should help you get to that goal:

1. I Will Keep Track of My Output

You don’t need to put up a calendar (though it really helps), but it’s time you start monitoring your work. We can all fall under the illusion that we’re making progress, but when you start actually seeing proof what you’re getting done (and what you’re not), you’ll be able to start making reasonable plans on how to tackle your endeavor.

2. I Will Finish a Small Project

You may have large ideas, but if you’re starting your year with a giant project on your plate you may get discouraged quickly, worried you’ll be stuck in the woods all the way until the next New Year’s. So start out with a smaller task. Consider it a warm-up, something that you can finish before the end of January. It will get your muscles moving, your brain firing and it’ll be a huge boost of confidence for bigger things to work on through the rest of the year.

3. I Will Take a Break from Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Candy Crush

You can fritter away your time on this stuff when you’re at your regular job. But erase these apps from your phone for a weekend, or a week, or try for two. When it’s time to sit down and get something done, these are usually the things we immediately run to. But if you put up even a little roadblock, there is a better chance you can talk yourself back to what you’re actually supposed to be doing. And your friends can deal with not seeing your selfies for a little bit if it means they’ll get to see something you created. Which, speaking of…

4. I Will Show Someone Something

This is the year to put yourself out there, no holds barred, and get rejected. It will suck. It will seem like the whole world is unfair. And, at first, it will seem like you may as well quit and spend your time on something else. But when the dust clears you will realize you haven’t tarnished your future, and that the honest feedback is exactly what you needed. Because it’s not about creating the greatest thing in the world; it’s about getting it done and doing something even better next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…

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Shane Mehling is a freelance writer and editor who plays in noiserock bands.