Our Favorite Creators Share: Why I Vote

On November 3, 2020 we plan to use our united power as a company of creators to exercise our right to influence the future of our country. At CreativeLive, we pledge to show up as a company of individuals to make our vote known – regardless of opinions, parties or perspectives.

It is the people who show up to cast their ballot who decide our futures. So now we call on you, our greater community of creators to do the same. Together we can use our creativity to spark the change in history we want to see in our country and build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our community.

We compiled a list of why some of our favorite creators vote and what it means to them

Chase Jarvis

CEO of CreativeLive | Photographer | Bestselling Author | Listen to the Chase Jarvis Live Show

Elections are determined by who shows up. 

Back in 2016, only 56% of the US voting-age population voted. We can do better. Let’s make a promise to do our part to mobilize our communities to be heard. It’s time to come together as a nation and speak up for a future where all people are truly equal. 

Glennon Doyle

Bestselling author | Founder of Together Rising. Watch her recent episode of the Chase Jarvis Live Show

Make the world less scary. 3 Days to go. Vote.

Josué Rivas

Indigenous Futurist | CoFounder of Natives Photograph | Listen to his episode of We Are Photographers

Voting is our right. When Indigenous peoples vote, we make history. As we enter a new paradigm, we must remember that voting is a first step towards reclaiming our sovereignty, but it doesn’t stop there, we must challenge the system that was put upon us and change it from within. Voting is not enough; we must also activate and decolonize our mind.

Andrew Scrivani

New York Times Food Photographer | Director | Producer Watch newest class on capturing mobile food photography.

Voting has always felt like a full throated extension of self to me. If you hold strong views and opinions, voting provides the greatest opportunity to bring that part of yourself into the world with real meaning.

Elise Swopes

Photographer | Graphic Designer | Watch her CreativeLive class

Voting is important because it’s the backbone of this country. We live in a democracy which means it’s for the people, by the people. And for the longest, it seems that the majority has been making decisions for the minority but not anymore because the majority has now become the minority. Those with privilege should make way for those who don’t and instead of speaking for the under-privileged, it’s time they speak for themselves

Omar Z. Robles

Photographer | Listen to him on We Are Photographers

I can say that the one thing that I’ve learned specially during this period is that voting is the strongest act of solidarity. We can’t only got thinking about our interests. We need to vote thinking about how we can make each others quality of life better, not just our own. 

Chris Guillebeau

Bestselling Author | Explorer | Entrepreneur Watch the global book launch of his new book The Money Tree

If for no other reason, voting in this election is important to choose your side of history.  Don’t sit it out because “you don’t like either candidate.” It’s a binary system and there are two incredibly contrasting views of America. What kind of society do you want to uphold? Pick a side and vote!

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