Our Founder’s Fave Gifts for Photographers Under $100(ish)

Every holiday season, our founder Chase Jarvis get an influx of DMs, tweets, texts and messages from followers, friends and family asking for the best gifts for photographers on their list. This year, rather than putting together a list of all the high-tech cameras and lenses that come with high-price tags to match – he decided to share some affordable add-ons that every photographer should have in their arsenal.

As he likes to say, the best camera is the one you have with you (and most of the time that’s the one in your pocket.) If you are looking for gift ideas for the photographer on your list these are my go-tos under $100(ish)

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The Best Gifts For Photographers On Your List

The Creator Pass

So let’s get the shameless plugs out of the way first 😉 In our expert opinion there is no better gift for the photographers on your list than the Creator Pass. Heck, there’s no better gift for any creator on your list. When you subscribe to the Creator Pass, you are gifting 1500+ creative classes. That means it’s perfect for the budding photographer or the hobbyest ready to build their own photography business. We have everything from productivity classes for creators to latest Adobe software classes.

Creative Calling

Feel like the photographer on your list has alllll the gadgets? Why not spark their inspiration instead this year? Our founder’s new book Creative Calling is part memoir, part actionable guide for getting over the inevitable hurdles that come up as a creator. In our (only slightly bias 😉) opinion, it is the ideal book for people who are on the fence and need a guide to super charge their creative skills.

Moment Lens

Gifts for Photographers: Moment Lens

Moment makes the list again this year because… we”ll we’re kind of into just about everything they do. If you don’t know Moment, it is a marketplace for photographers and filmmakers to get all the things. They also create mobile lens that will upgrade your phone photography immediately. These pocket size lenses transform your mobile device into a lightweight DSLR. With a variety of lenses from fisheye to macro, Moment add-ons are durable, easy-to-use and have incredible clarity. Compatible with almost every smartphone, these compact lens take the camera in your pocket up a notch. 

Shure Mic

Shure has transformed mobile audio with its line of mobile mics. Regardless of your price point, the audio company creates options that will take your sound from distorted to crystal clear. As a photographer and podcaster on-the-go, these mics have made capturing quality sound super simple. The MV88 connects directly to my phone and rotates so I can easily capture quality selfie sound or record an interview with someone while I’m on the road. 

Peak Design Clips

Having a quality clip for your camera is critical for any photographer on-the-go. Peak Design clips allow you to seamlessly switch from backpack to belt carry with an easy-to-access quick release. The reality is these clips don’t support a pro body with a large lens, but it takes care of damn near everything else and is the perfect for the amateur or hobbyist photog. 


Gifts for Photographers: DJI OM 4 Gimbal

Though it is the priciest item on the list, it is a worthy gift for photographers who are on-the-go. This is DJI’s fourth generation gimbal and it is the most seamless version yet. The biggest update is the magnetic phone quick-release, which is an addition to DJI’s already easy-to-use foldable design, great stabilization and flawless object tracking. With an extended battery life and the ability to charge your phone from the gimbal while you shoot, it allows me to capture beautiful 4k video without worrying about draining my phone battery.

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