Photo Classes Students Loved in 2015 (So Far!)

The gear doesn’t make the photographer, it’s the time spent learning and testing and honing your creativity that really counts. So far in 2015, the Photo channel here at CreativeLive has offered up some incredible teaching moments and big takeaways from the likes of John Greengo, Kelly Brown, and Roberto Valenzuela, just for starters.

We couldn’t pick the BEST classes because they’ve all been so great, but we do know a thing or two about which classes our students have absolutely loved. Check out a few of these rave-worthy classes and pick one up during our summer sale (going on now!) for 30% off.

Fundamentals of Photography 2015 with John Greengo

John Greengo helped us kick off 2015 with a class every photographer – beginner or pro – should consider taking. Shutter speed, composition, and depth of field are just a few of the useful topics Greengo covered. This overview goes deep into exactly what to expect from one of the most popular (and thorough) classes of the year.

Studio Lighting 101 with Lindsay Adler

Studios can be intimidating, especially if you’re at your most comfortable shooting on-location in natural light. With a little help from Lindsay Adler though, studio photography and lighting can feel like a home away from home. If you’re not familiar with studio lighting concepts, start here.

Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers with Matt Kloskowski

After teaching several great classes during Photoshop Week 2015, Matt Kloskowski returned for another class for landscape photographers. Capturing a great outdoor photo is all about that feeling you have when you’re actually outside – but there are things that you can do after snapping the perfect sunset in Photoshop and Lightroom that will make your photos even more spectacular. Watch one of them below just for starters.

Newborn Photography Bootcamp with Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown’s newborn photography is stunning, and her bootcamp covered everything you could possibly want to know about this growing field. Just ask this student: “What an awesome class! I actually started watching this, not because I was interested in newborn photography, but because I thought I could pick up some good ideas for photography in general. Kelly is such an inspiring person and so professional and such a good communicator that she has a lot to offer any photographer. I actually have been inspired to try newborn photography and can’t wait to implement the multiple ideas Kelly has so generously given. I think it is wonderful for the profession of photography that she has the spirit to freely share what she knows to help those who are seeking advice and knowledge. Thank you!”

The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow with Jared Platt

Your time is valuable. Wouldn’t it be great to spend more of it snapping photos and less time editing? In Jared Platt’s Lightroom CC class, Jared shared tips on improving every phase of your workflow. If you’re looking to improve a technical skill, this is a great place to start.

Picture Perfect Lighting with Roberto Valenzuela

No modifier no problem with a little help from Roberto Valenzuela. If your unedited images could use a little boost, this class is where you should start. One student said “I knew within the first few sessions that this would be a good investment for improving my lighting skills and bought the course. To my surprise, there is an abundance of general AND detailed information about not only lighting but the ART of photography as well. I promise you that one session with this man is worth the price of the entire course. I’m watching 2-3 sessions each day and I’m on my second pass through the course. This man so humble yet brilliant at applying hard work to basic principles. BUY THIS COURSE … you will not regret it! Thanks Roberto and Creative Live!”

Step up your game during the last half of 2015 and check out one (or a few!) of the photo classes our students loved, and all at 30% off until July 27th.

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