Join Us in NYC and SF for Photo Week 2016!

Get excited: Photo Week 2016 is here! Pause for reaction. OK, some of you may be asking yourself “what the heck is Photo Week?”

Photo Week 2016 is CreativeLive’s annual photography conference that brings together the industry’s best and brightest to give you a photography school-style education in a week.

This year, we’re going bi-coastal by offering two different educational tracks direct from New York City and San Francisco. Best part? You can tune in live and watch for free, pick and choose the classes you want and purchase for on-demand viewing (anytime, anywhere), or get the entire bundle — all 24 classes offered from both cities — and really take your work to the next level.

Options. We’re all about giving you options.

Like the option to join us in-studio in either city. Yup, you can do that, too. With our VIP pass, you are guaranteed a seat for every NYC class, premium seating for our In Focus talks, face time with our instructors (for critiques and portfolio reviews) and access to our after hours events and Photo Week 2016 wrap party.

We want you to be there, from anywhere.

Check out the event page to get all the info on Photo Week 2016, and if you’re looking to part the velvet ropes and join us in NYC for an all-access experience then look no further than our our VIP bundle!


Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.