7 Photo Week GIFs from the Slow Motion Booth

There’s been a whole lot of fun stuff on CreativeLive this Photo Week, from Peter Hurley and Sue Bryce kicking it off to host Russ acting as a model for Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler, and Jeff Rojas. But behind the scenes, the producers, crew, and instructors have been having a pretty good time in front of a different camera, thanks to the Slow Motion Booth.

The awesome folks from the Slow Motion Booth, a video booth setup which films at 240 frames per second in true 1080p HD, donated their time and service to provide entertainment in our cafeteria between shooting — so during the breaks in shooting, this is where our hosts, instructors, and audience members were killing time.

The finished product looks something like this:

But video can be difficult to share and keep around, so, to remember this incredible Photo Week 2014, CL blogger Keith Caswell turned some of our favorite Slow Motion Booth into animated GIFs, in case you wanted to see what some of your favorite instructors and CL staffers were up to this week.

Susan Stripling and Pei Ketron had fun with confetti.

Director of WPPI Jason Groupp and Head of Talent George Varanakis were not particularly amused.

…Until George got into the booth with the one and only Sue Bryce.

Peter Hurley did what Peter Hurley does.

CL’s Chelsea Patthoff hit it off immediately with Pebbles, one of the stars of Carli Davidson’s incredible pet photography class.

Host Jim Catechi borrowed some of Brooke Shaden’s baby powder for this great shot.

And we couldn’t run CL without Eric Krebs, who went from CreativeLive student to full-time employee.

Want the Slow Motion Booth to come to your event? Get at them here. And you can see more great behind-the-scenes footage from the Slow Motion Booth on our Facebook page.

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