How to Photograph A Wedding When Your Clients Don’t Have A Planner


There’s more to photographing a wedding than busting out your portable flash and photoshopping the bride’s blemishes. Wedding photographers have to be flexible, accommodating, and be able to navigate the wedding planner’s strict schedule. Well, unless there’s no wedding planner to speak of….in which case you’re probably trying to stave off a panic attack.

How are you supposed to organize time for portraits when the bride and groom are busy dealing with a million other things, from the catering to the music? Easy. Renowned wedding cinematographer and creativeLIVE instructor Ray Roman suggests simply taking on the role of wedding planner and building a loose schedule of events that fits your needs.


It might seem like a daunting task, but chances are you’d love to see this day go off without a hitch in a way that best fits your needs. By taking on the responsibilities of a wedding planner (at least when it comes to scheduling), you’ll be able to carve out the exact amount of time post-ceremony that you need for portraits, you’ll know precisely how long you have for those classic “getting ready” shots, and you’ll be able to offer expert advice to the bride and groom –– which ultimately makes their day more enjoyable.

Creating your own schedule means you don’t have to watch the clock, and the happy couple can relax knowing that the details of their day have been captured!

For more tips from Ray, check out his Wedding Cinematography Crash Course on creativeLIVE.


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