Photographer Travis Hodges Profiles Interconnectivity in “Follow Me”

Not only has Twitter transformed how we connect, it’s also become a powerful medium for creating and sharing art. UK-based portrait photographer Travis Hodges playfully illustrates our interconnectivity in his extremely creative Follow Me project. In this series of portraits, each subject introduces the next by way of Twitter, showcasing the faces of a thread of individuals linked by art, imagination, and of course, the power of the Internet. “As a portrait photographer, one of your jobs is to expose or unveil the qualities that make an someone special or unique and that’s what this project is all about,” Travis explains. From  science fiction costume designers to an award-winning writer, to a civil engineer, Travis has introduced an eclectic cast of characters. Last week, our very own Evelyn Danford sat down with Travis in our San Francisco office to talk about the Follow Me project. Here is a short clip of their interview:

In his full interview, Travis takes Eveyln through his life as a portrait photographer in the UK, details the creative side-projects that take up the majority of his free-time, and shares his views on hot industry topics — including the value of photography competitions. Explains Travis, “Winning awards is very important, not just winning them, but by entering contests, you have to understand why you are doing it, you have to write about your work… you have to be better at explaining your art and understanding your art.” What’s interesting is that Travis has won the majority of his awards for his personal projects, most notably his project on hoodies and the public perception of “dangerous” youth in the UK.. Inadvertently, Travis’ life and work highlight a point reiterated time and time again by creativeLIVE instructors (and students): The passion inherent in creative personal work leads to professional growth.

Connect with Travis on Twitter! @TravisHodgesUK

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