8 Photographers Who Really Nail Blogging

Plenty of professional photographers have embraced the need for an active web presence, including use of social media, but many still seem hesitant to take part in blogging. Maybe it’s because they don’t think they’re “real” writers, or maybe it’s a time-crunch issue, but for whatever reason, blogging among photographers is rare beyond the occasional new photoset. Which is strange, considering photographers have one of the hottest commodity on blogging platforms like Tumblr, where photos drive the most engagement.

Not all photographers are reticent to share, though. Offering insight on specific shoots, ongoing projects, or even just their daily lives, blogging photographers are marketing themselves smartly, while also keeping their audiences engaged with what they’re up to. Here are a few who are doing it right.

dvafoto: Ok, technically this is two photographers, but you get the point. M. Scott Brauer and Matt Lutton are incredibly open about their creative process, what they’re up to, and what they find interesting. They also regularly interview influencers.

Andrew Scrivani: In addition to having a website that bears his name, food and lifestyle photographer Andrew Scrivani also maintains Making Sunday Sauce, which is a catalog of what he finds interesting, and what he’s shooting. He also combines his blogging with regular posting to Instagram.

Everything, Everywhere: Travel photographers hardly have time to sleep, let along blog — but blogging is also a crucial element for those who don’t often work from one home-base. Gary Arendt has been blogging as a travel photographer since 2007, updating regularly with stories of his many voyages, as well as his exact location (in coordinations), which gives his blog a cool, novel-esque feel.

Rachel Hale McKenna: An animal photography blog is a total no-brainer, but Rachel Hale McKenna takes blog a step further with lifestyle and travel updates that give outsiders a peek into her life. But yes, there are also lots of pictures of adorable dogs.

Railpass: Another, albeit very different, travel blog, Railpass is Brent Knepper‘s ongoing diary of his adventures across the country on Amtrak trains. The photos are beautiful, and his notes serve as a budgetary travel guide for those who are visiting new cities. Brent uses Tumblr to power Railpass, which, as mentioned above, is a smart way to share information. He’s also active on Instagram.

Lindsay Adler: Multi-talented CreativeLive instructor Lindsay Adler gives gearheads what they want with a technical blog about how she does what she does. Very process-based, Lindsay’s blog incorporates behind-the-scenes video, as well as (no surprise), gorgeous photos. She also does a great job explaining what else she’s up to.

Von Wong: Former engineer Benjamin Von Wong started as a hobbyist, but eventually progressed into a full-time, renowned photographer. His blog is a combination of tech-heavy how-to posts, as well as inspiration and creativity tips. He’s bold and honest and never afraid to speak his mind.

Promoting Passion: Fine art photographer Brooke Shaden is all about encouraging others to follow their creative pursuits. “This blog is my special place,” writes Brooke, “I write here everyday for my own personal joy.” Luckily, Brooke’s joy also includes lots of salient information for photographers, as Brooke asks vulnerable questions like “does it get easier?

And one bonus: Photographers from the news organization Reuters do a bang-up job of documenting the fascinating, emotional, and sometimes terrifying assignments they’re sent on — and, cleverly, Reuters rounds them all up on one photo blog that’s a source of near-daily inspiration and information.

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