Photography contest

Thank you for participating over the past 5 months. You inspire us! We feel so lucky to have such a talented community and look forward to many more creative adventures to come.

Happy Holidays!


[contest-winner type=”community” number=”1″ name=”RoGina Montgomery” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”1″ name=”Zoraya Stern” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”2″ name=”Shy-o-Ob” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”2″ name=”Siam Simon” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”3″ name=”Isha Varshney” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”3″ name=”Zoraya Stern” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”4″ name=”Chanchala Singh” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”4″ name=”Lana Polic” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”5″ name=”Jenny Whiting” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”5″ name=”Dale Riley‎” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”6″ name=”Akanksha Ashish‎” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”6″ name=”Mike Martin” photourl=””]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”7″ name=”Melissa Eikenaar Lear‎” photourl=”‎_facebook.jpg”]
[contest-winner number=”7″ name=”Nicola Wilhelmsen‎” photourl=”‎_facebook.jpg”]
[contest-winner type=”community” number=”8″ name=”John Allen Poppleton‎‎” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”8″ name=”Lana Polic‎” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”9″ name=”Nicola Wilhelmsen” type=”community” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”9″ name=”Jens Winkler‎” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”10″ name=”Tammy Darin Sandusky‎” type=”community” photourl=”‎_facebook.jpg”]
[contest-winner number=”10″ name=”Lana Polic” photourl=””]
[contest-winner number=”Grand Prize!” name=”Lana Polic” photourl=””]

Interested in seeing the previous challenges?



How many winners for each challenge?

  • 2 winners for every challenge
  • 1 community voted winner for every challenge. Make sure you vote!
  • 1 winner hand picked by Lindsay Adler for every challenge.

Can I share my photo on any social platform?
No, please upload your photos to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using the hashtag #creativephotochallege

When does voting start?
Voting starts on every challenge release Monday.

When does voting end for each challenge?
2 weeks after the challenge start date. So, if your challenge starts on Monday 7/17/17 @ 12:00 am, you have until Sunday 7/30/17 @11:59 pm.

Can I upload more than one photo per challenge?
Yes, you can share & hashtag as many photos as you’d like

Can I vote on multiple photos per challenge?
Yes, vote away!

Will all photos in #creativephotochallenge hashtag be voted on?
No. We encourage you to upload your best photos for every challenge. CreativeLive staff will handpick final photos for the community to vote on for the People’s Choice champions.

What days do the challenges get released?

  1. Make a Mess 7/17/17
  2. Unusual Angle 7/31/17
  3. Reflections 8/14/17
  4. High Key Portrait with DIY Softbox 8/28/17
  5. Take Control of Color in Photoshop 9/11/17
  6. Play with Shadow 9/25/17
  7. Collage Portrait 10/9/17
  8. Paint with Light Portrait 10/23/17
  9. Print on Alternative Surface 11/6/17
  10. Shoot a Silhouette 11/20/17

So, where is the fine print?

You can find that right here.

Here’s a sample of a few companies contributing awesome prizes!

  • CreativeLive
  • Lonely Planet
  • Tiny Prints
  • Adobe
  • Lindsay Adler
  • Canon
  • and more!

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