Photoshop Week 2019: The Tools You Actually Need

You’re invited to Photoshop Week 2019!  

Are you a professional looking to improve your techniques, a creative looking for inspiration or a beginner hoping to make sense of Adobe’s massive program? Well, then we’ve got the conference for you. 

Between June 12th – 14th, Photoshop Week will be THE place to learn all the tools you ACTUALLY NEED. This year’s conference will be taught by 7 of the industry’s leading professionals including high-end blockbuster poster designer, underwater fine-art photographer, and skateboarding’s top visual influencer to name a few.

For 3 days, surround yourself with mentors and learning that push your real-world work forward. You can either register to tune into the free broadcast or buy the entire conference at the pre-order price of $199 to watch on-demand. 

With classes covering all the essential tools, you’ll learn:

You’ll have access to 17 freshly-designed workshops that cover topics such as:

Learn to easily create the images you envision for any project you take on. The faster your workflow, and the more skills you possess, the more you can offer your clients and yourself. 

We want you to be there, from anywhere. 

Check out the event page for a full schedule breakdown. RSVP here to be notified when we’re live for the free watch!

Kym Cortigiano