#PhotoWeek2015 West Coast Bus Tour Travel Log

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We’ll be updating our travel log throughout our entire journey up the West Coast on our way to Photo Week 2015! Join Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Matt Kloskowski, and Victor Ha as they teach mini-lessons beginning Friday at 9am PST. Bookmark this blog post, as it’ll be acting as our travel log of every moment of the trip with videos, photos, and tidbits from our weekend on the road. Want to know where we are at any given moment? Just use #PhotoWeek2015 on Facebook, twitter, or Instagram (and be sure to watch the live stream of the bus tour)!

Saturday 9/19

6:00 PM WE’RE A WRAP! The Photo Week 2015 West Coast Bus Tour just wrapped in Olympia – join us for Photo Week starting Monday 9/21 at 9am.





4:00 PM Quick Tip from Jasmine Star on our Photo Week 2015 West Coast Road Trip: Say ridiculous things from behind your camera to get them laughing with you (or at you) 


1:00 PM We’re here in Portland now and loving all the energy in the crowd for Sue Bryce  

12:30 Portland – we’re getting glam for you!  

12:00 PM Remember our stop in Sacramento? Here’s the first look from Jasmine Star 

11:00 AM We’re talking social media tips and favorite apps at this mini-stop – tune in now! 

9:00 AM What an spot-on point from Matt Kloskowski​ on building a community: “You have to find people who want you to succeed” 


8:45 AM We go live at 9am with this talented bunch!   8:30 AM Jasmine is ready and to go for Portland    Friday 9/18 8:00 PM Some behind the scenes gaming with our PS3 and Victor Ha   6:00 PM We’re off air now but make sure to join us at 9am PST tomorrow for another day of road tripping adventure   5:30 Matt Kloskowski proving he’ll do whatever it takes to get the shot    5:00 PM We’re taking a quick pit stop by the Sacramento River on the way to Redding for our dinner stop   3:45 PM Wow a skrim makes a HUGE difference when you’re photographing in harsh light! Take a look at the before and after from Sue Bryce      3:30 PM Remember our harsh light mini stop? Here’s what Jasmine Star snapped using a natural reflector.   3:00 PM We hope you’re loving these Q&As as much as we are – get ready to get even more personal with our instructors soon!   1:30 PM Thank you so much to everyone who joined us in Sacramento! Catch the rebroadcast shortly on creativelive.com/live1   Here we have Victor Ha demo’ing lighting to an eager audience    12:30 PM Matt Klosklowski + an intimate crowd in Sacramento     12:00 PM Check out this great crowd for Sue Bryce in Sacramento – check out our live broadcast now    11:30 AM We’re getting so close to Sacramento! 📷: Jasmine Star    10:30 AM The road to Photo Week is paved with selfies   10:00 AM We just sat down with Matt Kloskowski answer questions about what he’s traveling with on the Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour Bus, make sure to send us your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #PhotoWeek2015    9:15 AM Take a peek into Sue Bryce’s bag (YUM!)   8:30 AM If you’re on I-5 this weekend, keep an eye out for our sweet ride!    7:45 AM We’re about to get this road trip started, but before we do check out what Matt Kloskowski is bringing along. CPMJ13DU8AA4K9b Thursday 9/17 Take a peek into what Sue Bryce and Jasmine Star are packing for our road trip. First up, Sue Bryce! Sue Bryce Bag And peek into Jasmine’s too Jasmine Bag   We’ll be back tomorrow at 9am PST to kick off our live broadcast!

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