For our 101st episode, we’ve got something pretty special. This week, Tara talks with two former producers of this podcast, who are now former CreativeLive employees. In January of this year, just nine months ago, they started a production agency and consultancy called Edios Media and have rocketed to small business success in an incredibly short period. Not only is their growth a testament to their ability and the opportunity in content production and online education today, but it’s also a testament to the entrepreneurial fervor that CreativeLive has helped to foment.

I wanted to talk to Elizabeth Madariaga and Michael Karsh, the co-founders of Edios Media, to get their take on what really matters when starting a small business and how they put into action everything they learned from the mentors, instructors, and students of CreativeLive in their time there as producers. Edios Media takes the guess work out of online video education production. They help authors, experts, consultants, and educators turn their work into highly-leverageable online programs and help companies use online education to nurture both employees and customers.

Elizabeth, Michael and Tara talk about why they decided to head out on their own after great careers in production, what they did to sign their first two contracts within six weeks of starting the business, and how they are balancing service delivery, while keeping up the growth of their brand new company.