Pokémon Go Benefits Photographers The Most

Pokemon Go
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Ok, ok, ok. I totally get it. The internet is currently inundated with anything and everything “Pokémon Go”.  Articles and blog posts have been popping up everywhere, ranging from NYPD Police being investigated for playing on the job to one man’s determination to find a Pokémon Go player within the Trump Tower. But behind all that, there’s a message that you, buddy ol’ pal, need to hear.

For the folks who don’t know what Pokémon Go is, simply put, it’s game for mobile phones that, to a degree, forces you to walk around your city. Here’s the official trailer to give you a better understanding.

Let’s all take a big breath.

I promise you, PROMISE YOU, there is a silver lining to what Pokémon Go has to offer.

In a recent episode of Chase Jarvis RAW he mentions “The Dirtiest Secret In Photography“.

Within his blog post he goes into further detail, but here is a quick summation from Chase himself, “Truth is: the most game-changing ideas come from influences outside our industry. But don’t fret. There isn’t something “wrong” with photography. This is true in EVERY industry.

Maybe you get where I’m going with this.

If playing Pokémon Go gives you an excuse to go outside, grab your camera and use it…DO IT! Make it into a self challenge, perhaps while you’re walking around. Every time you come across a new geolocation stop (aka Pokestop), take a photo of what’s around you. Granted if you’re in a metropolitan area like we are in Seattle, they run rampant and you might be taking a bunch of photos, but really that’s a good thing in the end.

Now if you’re eager to do something beyond only that and if you REAAAALLY want to jump into the game, our instructor Karen Alsop has a class that is, no joke, called “Using Composite Photography to Create a Fantasy World“. In fact you can RSVP now and watch with us on July 18-20 FOR FREE!

Karen Alsop

Pokémon Go = Fantasy world

So take a moment, grab your camera, your phone, and Pokémon Go out and take some new photos.



Chase directed this awesome One-Shot (check out the behind the scenes too) music video of The President of the United States of America

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