The Power of Words: Brush Lettering with Laura Worthington

It’s not always what we say, but how we say it that matters most. In this video, Laura Worthington explains how brush lettering is a fantastic way to speak your mind (or someone else’s).

We’ve been really excited about Laura’s upcoming class, Brush Lettering Basics, so we got together with her in our Seattle studio and talked – a lot – about lettering, language, and life in general.


Laura shared a memory with us about a drama class in high school when her class was given the assignment of saying the same word different ways in order to give it different meanings. By using inflection, pitch, and volume, she and her classmates would stretch the word as far as it could go. This experience helped Laura realize “how powerful language really is and how powerful what we say is to others.”

The Power of Words: Brush Lettering with Laura Worthington

Tone of voice is intuitive and it’s something we all use every day to help others understand us. What’s fun about brush lettering is that, while you can use it for self-expression, you can also use it to help others express themselves.

As the artist, you have the opportunity to step in on behalf of your friend, family member, or client, using your skill to help them get their point across. Whether it’s yours or someone else’s, you’re “expressing an emotion or a feeling – there’s a lot of honor and value in that.”

The Power of Words: Brush Lettering with Laura WorthingtonIn her live classes, Laura will bring her 20+ years of experience to the table and help you learn to play with the basics of brush lettering, flourishes & ornamentaion, and putting together a finished piece. They’ll be streaming for free during our initial filming, so tune in on June 7th at 9:00AM PDT and join us.

The Power of Words: Brush Lettering with Laura Worthington


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