Scrapbooking Secret: Perfection Is Overrated

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While it is entirely possible that someday, your great-grandkids will be flipping through your Instagram account to get an idea of what things were like “back in the day,” a good old-fashioned scrapbook just can’t be replaced. And, odds are, your relatives didn’t let their fear of having slightly-imperfect photos get in the way of making those scrapbooks you still love to flip through…so why should you?

The fact is, according to scrapbooking wonder and CreativeLive instructor Lain Ehmann, that most people don’t save their memories in scrapbooks because they don’t think they’ve got what it takes.

“As a recovering perfectionist myself, I completely get it. You sit down to scrapbook and maybe your photos are a little out of focus, or you don’t have the perfect cardstock to match your ribbon, or you don’t know where to put things on your design… and you know what? Life isn’t perfect,” explains Lain, who champions for real — read: imperfect — scrapbooking.

“It doesn’t matter if the photos are perfect, because it’s all about the story,” she says.

Learn more about the beauty of imperfection with Lain in her course, Scrapbooking Your Story.

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