Insights on Selling Your Stuff and Making Money Making

Get essential insights on Selling Your Stuff and Making Money Making on the CreativeLive blog.

Crafting for fun is all about experimentation, personal preferences, and the joy of the process. But if you want to profit from selling your stuff you have to do things differently.

The first order of business for any maker who wants to monetize their craft is to start thinking of the things you make as products.

Why? Because consumers buy products!

Monetizing your craft means you need to see, treat, and talk about your work as something a consumer will value. Once you have that part down, you can set off on the adventure of selling your stuff.

And that’s not always easy. It takes a lot of guts to put your labors of love out into the world! But if you are ready to do it, these tips will help you do it well!

What You’ll Need Before You Get Started:

1. Take well-lit, clear photographs on a white background.

2. Price your goods.

3. Create a Line Sheet of your products.

4. Identify boutiques that seem like a good fit for your items.

Get essential insights on Selling Your Stuff and Making Money Making on the CreativeLive blog.
credit: Vickie Howell

The truth about pricing: with handmade, it’s not always realistic to use a standard pricing formula. It’s really important to pay attention to what the market will bear. The experience of selling at craft fairs and talking to retailers can help paint a clear picture.

Just remember, the goal is to monetize your craft. If you can’t sell what you are currently making at a good profit, it might be time to move on to another project.

That said, getting (even your best!) products placed in brick and mortar boutiques, takes a lot of good ol’ fashioned moxie.

Jewelry designer Kristin Laing has lots of experience in this department and she agreed to share some of her top tips in the guide that comes with the Monetize Your Craft class.

Here’s a peek at some of what she had to say:

Build a Collection (if possible, for both Spring & Fall). Shop owners like to buy sets, groups or themes. Make sure they have enough to choose from; aim for at least 12 pieces in your collection(s).

Be proactive. Where ever you are — locally or if traveling — seek out areas with great boutiques. Any town can be an opportunity for product placement!

Act locally. If you’re local, go into shops and ask for the name of their buyer. If they’re there, show a couple of photos of your products, and ask to make an appointment to show your whole line.

If you want to get more Handmade Wholesale Tips from Kristin Laing and learn the proven techniques you can use to Monetize Your Craft, be sure to check out the complete Monetize Your Craft class.

I’ll be covering the ins and outs of selling your stuff and monetizing your knowledge.


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