What Every Photographer Needs to Know About SEO

seo for photographers

When’s the last time you Googled yourself ? Or, maybe more importantly, Googled the search terms you think potential clients might be using to find you?

If you’re not happy with your search results, it doesn’t mean you’re not producing good work — it just means your brand might not be telling the right story and, as a result, isn’t targeting the right clients. Visual artist Matt Hill understands your plight, and he’s got some pretty simple tips for improving your SEO.

Here are some of the top tips from Matt’s CreativeLive course, SEO for Photographers:

Keep your web presence up-to-date: Updating your website and Google+ page, keeping a blog, and ensuring that your locational services are on will all help Google find you, which means clients can find you, too.

Use language with a purpose: Strategize to decide which search terms best fit you, and which terms you think you can own on the web. Whether it’s your style of photography, where you’re located, or what your business does best, ensure that those search terms are represented on every page of your site, whether it be your homepage or your blog.

Name your files: Using whatever title your camera gives your images (DCM-1-45) is unhelpful, because it doesn’t give Google any clues. Instead, make your file names keyword-rich, using between three and four keywords in the names of your images and other files.

Ask your fans to review you: If you’ve got clients who really love you, it’s okay to ask them to review you on Google. Matt recommends sending a link to your brand’s Google+ page in your thank-you emails, and asking that, if they enjoyed your service, they leave an honest review.  The more positive reviews you get, the more you’ll turn up in searches.

Want to know more about how to make SEO work for your photography business? Check out Matt’s course.


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