Setting Your Music on Fire with Fysikshow’s Pyro Board

What if you could set music on fire? What if your stereo speakers could send controlled flames through your living room? Sure, it would be a bit of a fire hazard, but who wouldn’t want to see their favorite track played out in flames? According to NPR, a Danish physics group that calls itself Fysikshow, have created “Pyro Boards” that can do just that. Each drum beat, guitar solo, bass riff, all represented by sound and flame. Clubs all over Europe are rejoicing.

A Pyro Board uses Ruben tubes –  hole-riddled metal tubes that gas can pass through. You may have seen something similar at a show or intense restaurants like this one. at restaurants or anywhere on the Las Vegas. Unlike your typical Ruben tube, each Pyro Board has 2,500 holes. Sound passes through the device moving through a flammable gas to create alternating high and low pressure zones. The result of which turn the flame into a unique pattern while continuing to produce sound. To find out all of the amazing physics behind the Pyro Board, watch this clip:

Source: NPR

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