DIY Sewing: Make Your Own Corded Piping

Learn how to make your own sewing piping!

Corded piping can transform an average sewing project into one that really pops and you don’t have to use the store-bought variety to start incorporating it into your work.

When you make your own sewing piping you get total control over the materials you use (Christine Haynes prefers cotton cording, not synthetic) and it gives you the freedom to use whatever fabric or bias tape you prefer.

Sewing your own piping is a great way to make your work your own, but if you want it to really look polished there are a few tricks you should know and, lucky for you, Christine covered them all when we visited her L.A. sewing studio.

Christine is a pattern maker, author, and sewing instructor whose beautiful, vintage-inspired pattern, The Sylvie Dress, calls for a little piping trim. To get you ready to sew The Sylvie Dress or to make corded piping for any of your sewing projects she demonstrated the process for making your own sewing piping.

DIY Sewing Cording from CreativeLive

In just three simple steps she transformed raw materials into awesome ready-to-use corded piping:

Step 1: Tape the ends of the cording. The tape will minimize fraying on the exposed cording edges until you are ready to use it.

Step 2: Pin the layers together close to the cording. You’ll want the fabric pulled taut against the cording and pinning will help you keep it in place as you sew.

Step 3: Stitch with a zipper foot. The zipper foot will let your needle get up next to the cording so your seam runs along the edge.

Watch Christine work her magic in the video below:

If you are ready to work with some custom corded piping check out Christine’s class, The Sylvie Dress on CreativeLive!

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