Did You Get a Sewing Machine for Christmas? We’ve Got Some Helpful Sewing Tips for Beginners

Got a sewing machine for Christmas? How exciting!

There are few more things more thrilling than the promise of a new creative tool.

We know you’ll be an ace in no time and to make sure you get off to a strong start, we assembled a collection of some of our most popular sewing tips.

These tips come from the extensive collection of beginner-friendly sewing classes you can find in the CreativeLive catalog. We’ve got model-specific Fast Starts that’ll bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to get the most of your machine and we have project-based classes that’ll lend some structure to your sewing experiments.


CreativeLive has helpful sewing tips for Beginners. Check it out!

There are some core basics to master when you start machine sewing and threading your bobbin is one of them. In this helpful tutorial you can learn how to thread a bobbin from Singer expert Becky Hanson.

Over time you’ll likely assemble an extensive collection of sewing tools, but in the beginning there are some must-have basics you’ll need to call your own. In this video, Shaerie Mead will tell you what to invest in.

Once you’ve got your bobbin wound and your needle threaded, you’ll need to verify that your machine is running with the right tension. In the following video Becky will help you test exactly that.

Shaerie taught an awesome class for beginning sewists called “The Easiest Skirt,” this class is designed to help beginners get the gratification of completing a project early on.

CreativeLive has helpful sewing tips for Beginners. Check it out!

A common beginner mistake is to head to the fabric store, fall in love with a print, and buy the totally wrong fabric type for your skill level and anticipated project. Shaerie helps you “skirt” the issue by teaching you how to select the right fabric for your sewing project.

PDF patterns open you up to a whole world of sewing projects, but assembling them can be a bit tricky. Take in this tutorial from Christine Haynes and find out what to do after you download.

To watch them all at once, head on over to our YouTube channel (hit subscribe!) and check out the Beginner Sewing Tips playlist.

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