Creative Photo Challenge No. 10 – Shoot A Silhouette

The key to shooting a silhouette is all about lighting. Whether its studio lighting or natural, you need your subject backlit well in order to help your image truly pop. They’re clean, graphic and timeless — and their breadth across various types of photos from profiles to maternity images makes them incredibly versatile. In this challenge Lindsay shows you how to shoot a very simple silhouette using window lighting to get that timeless, classic look that only silhouettes can provide.

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Using something like window sheers (Lindsay’s full setup can be found here) or some sort of curtain helps turn the window lighting that your subject stands in front of into essentially a soft box. You’ll also want to note that the profile is what will help define the subject and truly make the image interesting. The point is to make unique and engaging shapes and curvatures pop, by working with the subject and understanding if your exposure is set right. To control that, you’ll want to shoot in manual to keep your camera from auto-correting and lightening up your subject. Then you can introduce props to help tease out unique angles, curvatures and poses that take your photos and turn them into something that could be high fashion. See Lindsay’s full description for the shoot and her inspiration here.

Here’s the image straight out of camera before editing.

And the final, refined image.

And now its your turn to get creative just one last time (for this challenge… creativity after all, is never done), and show us your best silhouette. Full details here.

It’s official! Voting has closed for Paint With Light! It was tough work to illuminate just a single winner from the incredible submissions, but here you have it: Both Lindsay Adler and CreativeLive’s peoples choice award below!

Challenge No. 8 Paint With Light: Lindsay Adler’s Choice Champion – Lana Polic



Challenge No. 8 Paint With Light: Peoples Choice Champion -John Allen Poppleton‎‎


Great work you two! We are pleased to award you with gifts from CreativeLive, Lindsay AdlerArtifact Uprising, and Lonely Planet!

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Get Challenge No. 10  – Shoot a silhouette, right here.

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