Use These 5 Love Languages to Sell Your Client What They Want

Today’s the day we go above and beyond to show our love and appreciation to someone special. Today is Valentine’s Day. Usually that special someone that you think about is your romantic partner. But did you know you can also show your love and appreciation for your customers and increase your sales at the same time?

To do this, you need to speak your client’s language. More specifically their love language.

“The 5 Love Languages” is a concept that was developed by Gary Chapman as a guide for couples to give and receive love. When you identify and understand your spouse’s primary love language, you can then communicate in their language to strengthen the relationship and build a lasting loving marriage.

The 5 love languages are:

●      Words of affirmation
●      Acts of service
●      Receiving gifts
●      Quality time
●      Physical touch

The same communication applies not only to couples, but also to children, families, and business.

When you provide a service or product to your customer, it is about meeting their needs and expectations. To go above and beyond their expectations and to provide a true gift, you must focus on what they are getting.

For example, a typical present that business owners like to give is a coupon for 15% off future business. When was the last time you got excited receiving a coupon or code for your next purchase? This is not necessarily something your customer considers a gift, nor does it make them feel appreciated or loved as a client. This is more a gift for your business than it is a gift for them.

A gift for your client is something unexpected. So how do you do that as a business owner?

Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts

One way is to start with what products and services you offer. For example, when your customer buys your most expensive product, include one of the cheaper products as a free gift. While they did not buy that item, your cost of goods for the most expensive product covers the cost of goods for the least expensive. Be creative with what types of bonuses you can give your customers. Ask yourself, how can I provide an unexpected gift to my client and be of service in a way that meets their needs?

Acts of Service and Quality Time

Another option is to upgrade shipping. Zappos and Amazon are excellent examples. Provide free shipping. And if you’re a Prime member, get your order in two days, or upgrade to next day shipping for $3.99. Raise the bar of your relationship. Even if your direct competitor doesn’t offer free shipping, follow Amazon’s lead. They are your competition in the relationship building department and what your customer’s expectations really are.

So how does this increase your business if you are paying for shipping? Let’s take Amazon again. The average customer on Amazon who is not a prime member spends $400 per year. The average Prime member spends $900 per year on Amazon. So the free shipping option actually doubles their sales. Wouldn’t this increase in sales be worth the small cost of shipping?

Words of Affirmation

Another option is to personalize your customer’s order. A hand-written note thanking them for their business can go a long way. Even a typed one expressing your appreciation for them doing business with you and affirming their decision will make your customer feel special.

So what are some creative ways you have built the relationship with your clients? How have you spoken their love language? Share your comments below.

To learn more about the 5 Love Languages, check out this clip from creativeLIVE instructor Joey Coleman from his Turn Customers Into Fans course.


Joanna Ziemlewski

Joanna Ziemlewski is a New York based Strategic Intervention coach, freelance writer, lover of life and people. Most of the time she is inspiring and showing others how to create an extraordinary quality of life on her site SoulScaping. Follow Joanna on Facebook and Twitter (@soulscaping).