Staff Picks: 5 Awesome Classes for Crafty Business Ladies

Staff Picks: Kate's Favorite Social Media Classes

As an avowed lifelong learner, my time at CreativeLive has been a real gift. Every day, for nearly three years, I’ve had the great fortune of spending a little time learning from the best in the brightest. Not only do I get to rub elbows with instructors when they are in studio, we constantly stream our classes on monitors throughout the space and my access to the catalog is unlimited.

I know. It is a pretty lucky position I find myself in but you, dear reader, are no less lucky. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we stream the best of the best in online education and you can drop in anytime to learn a little something new.

Take crafty classes and enhance your maker skills with CreativeLive.

If you’ve been wondering which of our in-depth classes you should prioritize, I have a list for you. My Staff Picks feature the classes I personally have referenced again and again. They represent the platinum options from our heaps of solid gold and they are definitely worth an investment of both your time and your money.

1. Pinterest Marketing for Makers and Designers


Pinterest is so fun! As a casual user, I could build a million boards based on my passing interests. Pinterest for business, however is a whole different beast. When I had to temporarily take over the CreativeLive Pinterest account, I took the time to watch a few online classes (even a highly recommended, but ultimately disappointing, one from another online ed site). After that experience, I can say with confidence, that Megan’s class knocks it out of the park. Not only will you learn social media marketing concepts you can use across platforms, you’ll really and truly learn how to build a Pinterest profile that bolsters your business.

2. Copywriting for Crafters

Don't let writing intimidate you! Take Copywriting for Crafters and find out how to authentically and easily speak to your audience.

Online marketing professionals have a habit of pontificating from proverbial mountains on high and offering up pronouncements that are more rooted in ego than experience. Not Lisa. Lisa is the real deal. Lisa is a veteran maker whose insights are the result of real world sales and in her class, Copywriting for Crafters she makes those insights very, very accessible. Writing is something that often paralyzes creative folks and Lisa knows exactly how to overcome that road block.

3. Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

Double your online followers using creative marketing techniques. Check out the complete class on CreativeLive.

I remember when April was developing this class and asked for a title that reflected the promise she wanted to make to students. Her intention was to develop a class that offered up specific insights and tactics ANY student could use to significantly grow their online following. That is exactly what she did. All it takes is a quick scan of the student reviews to get a sense of how power packed this class is. Think of it a your own personal digital marketing bootcamp and resource guide. And go back to it again and again (like I do).

4. Personal Finance for Artists and Freelancers

Develop your financial literacy with Galia Gichon in Personal Finance for Artists and Freelancers.

The day we filmed this class I was in CreativeLive chat room fielding questions from students. I’ll never forget it. Every single person was on fire to apply Galia’s lessons and so many people, myself included, reconfigured our 401k contributions as a result of what we learned. I also (for the first time) figured out what a 401k actually is. This class offers up so much more than personal finance tips, it teaches real financial literacy and it is a Staff Pick, I seriously recommend. To everyone.

5. Paper Crafting: Skills and Technique

Learn how to make impressive paper crafts with Robert Mahar and CreativeLive.

Up to now, this list has emphasized classes that build your business skills. But all work and no creating, makes Rachel a dull, stressed-out, and uninspired girl. We creatives need to get our hands dirty and Robert Mahar’s Paper Crafting class is one of my favorite ways to do it. There are short form paper crafting classes in the catalog but this one is the big kahuna. And every single one of the projects is so much fun. I’ve used the paper flower making technique to top a baby shower gift and I’ve been inspired to write notes on my hand-marbled paper. Of course, just listening Robert’s voice soothing voice is reason enough to watch the whole class. Think of all your new paper crafting skills as a side bonus.

Take crafty classes and enhance your maker skills with CreativeLive.

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