Communication Tips from Periphery Manager Mike Mowery

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Have you ever sent an email that’s been misinterpreted? Tone and messaging are more difficult to convey in text form than in spoken word, yet, today, we do most of our communication through email. Whether an independent rock band is plotting out tour venues across the country or a corporate salesman is reporting his quarterly numbers, email is how it gets done. According to Mike Mowery, manager of Periphery and founder of Outerloop Management, email can be a great way to recap information, but anyone looking to collaborate or communicate more effectively should step away from email and opt for in-person, phone, or Skype conversations.

During an interview with CreativeLive instructor and Periphery drummer Matt Halpern, Mike explained that much is lost in translation over email, especially when making crucial decisions. “You could be sitting there with a smile on your face, but when I read it, I might think to myself: ‘why is Matt angry?’” In-person meetings and phone calls eliminate the opportunity for the other person to misinterpret your message. Inflection and tone are vital to good communication – Mike believes that solid relationships, like the one his company has developed with Periphery, are based on both sides’ ability to listen to what the other has to say and how they say it. That kind of nuance can be hard to pick up through email.

“We were able to take a lot of important conversations away from email and bringing them into a conference call environment, so the inflection of our voices was interpreted the right way,” says Mike. It’s important to note that Mike is not suggesting is a step away from technology. Skype, Google Hangout, or any other video conference calls are a great alternative to face-to-face communication.

Watch Mike’s full interview with Matt Halpern here:

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