Sue Bryce on the Sexiest, Cheapest, and Most Fabulous Thing She Owns

Simple gear, beautiful photos.
Foam core looking fabulous. Credit: Sue Bryce

When Sue Bryce taught Natural Light for Photo Week 2015 she gave the audience exactly what they were asking for: a beginner-friendly guide to shooting with natural light.

As Sue’s legion of fans know, Sue is a natural light loyalist. She opened her studio up to a 59” Elinchrom Modifier and a couple of small strobes after studying with Felix Kunze but only because, “he understood what I want, nobody else has been able to teach me that.“

That said, her signature look has always relied on what she calls “God light” aka: the sun.

It is a strategy that worked.

In all of her years of shooting there has only been one occasion when she booked a session and ended up with a low sale for lack of light. (One session!?!) To put it plainly, “I built a very successful portrait studio with natural light.”

In addition to shooting with the same free sunlight that is available to everybody, Sue has also relied on very primitive tools for creating the soft, feminine looks she is so well-known for, “I’m the biggest hack you’ll ever meet.”

She has been carting around the same $20 piece of white chiffon for eight years and between the fabric a two foam core v-flats she has managed to positively thrive as a glamour photographer and inspire thousands of others.

Check out this clip from her Photo Week class and find out how you can put a cheap piece of polyester fabric to work in your business:

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