Sue Bryce’s Tips for Taking Flawless Selfies

Sue Bryce — Selfie
If you follow Sue Bryce on Facebook, you’re awash in her glamorous, naturally-backlit life on a daily basis. The award-winning portrait photographer and creativeLIVE instructor posts a steady stream of her creative works-in-progress, soul-baring blog posts, and — with adorably candid, congenial commentary — flawless selfies. We pestered Sue to learn how she manages to look so flawless all the time.

Taking the Photo

1) Always face towards the light and make sure you’re in front of a plain (white, grey, neutral-toned) background.
2) Push your chin forward and down a little and down to avoid the dreaded double chin
3) Try placing one hand on hip.
4) Shooting slightly above the eye line is always the best.
5) Use a self-timer app. That way, you can put your phone on a shelf and pose with both your hands and then you don’t get that side arm jutting into the picture.
6) Look at your own eyes in the phone camera mirror — You have to look into the lens, not at your reflection.

Sue Selfie

1) There are so many great apps now for editing — like Snapseed, where you add contrast, which improves the look of your complexion.
2) Sue loves shooting selfies straight into the backlight and lightly touching up the face by adjusting the exposure.

To learn more from Sue, check out her creativeLIVE course catalog — and make sure to follow her on Facebook!




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