How To Sync Photoshop Presets in Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is a great way to store and share your work with fellow creatives, but how exactly do you sync your Photoshop files so you have access to them at your home, your office, and on the go? Get started with these helpful tips from creativeLIVE instructor and Photoshop expert Lesa Snider, and you’ll be effortlessly syncing your presets in just a few minutes!

First up, you’ll want to head to the Photoshop tab (right next to File) and hit your email address, where you’ll find a sub-tab labelled Manage Sync Settings. This will open your syncing preferences –– where you’ll be able to directly control what presets are being synced.

You’ll notice straight right away that all your presets will be automatically synced to the Creative Cloud –– including Preferences, Actions, Brushes, Swatches, Styles, Gradients, Custom Shapes, Patterns, Contours and Tools. Just pick and choose what presets you’d like synced, and remember –– if the presets you pick are different from those you already have on the Creative Cloud, Photoshop will simply ask you if you’d like to override your previous settings.

Next, just hit “OK” and voila, your presets have been synced in a few easy steps!

One frequently asked question Lesa receives is: how do you sync your presets when you already have a document opened in Photoshop? This is simple – once you’re ready to update Creative Cloud, you just hit the small tool icon at the bottom left of your screen (it’s next to the percentage icon) which will automatically sync your settings. Just one click of a button and all your presets are automatically uploaded on your machine in mere minutes, saving you valuable time and energy!

For more Photoshop tips and tricks, check out Lesa’s Creative Cloud course on creativeLIVE.

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