Enjoy Your Art Or Don’t Do It At All

To be successful at art, you have to be obsessive. You have to work long hours, fail miserably, make huge sacrifices and risk it all. You can also have fun. One problem with taking on creative projects is the common belief in an all-or-nothing strategy….

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5 Drawing Exercises To Learn How To Draw Perspective

Jorge Paricio is an adjunct professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and author of Perspective Sketching, Freehand and Digital Drawing Techniques for Artists & Designers by Rockport Publishers. “Industrial design sketching is a crucial part of developing a concept…


7 Writers Who Had Boring Day Jobs

The narrative of “quit your job and follow your dreams” is a strong one in creative communities — but as anyone with rent to pay or kids to feed knows, that simply isn’t feasible for most people, especially when their industry is one that’s hard…


Write What You Know? It’s Not That Simple

The most concise way to break down the good and the ugly of the trope “write what you know” is this two-minute video of author Nathan Englander extolling the virtues of the phrase, while also pointing out how people unfortunately get it wrong most of…

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