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Free Download: Lettering Love Desktop Wallpaper

Pop-quiz: How inspirational is your desktop wallpaper? Here’s a hint: If you’re still using the default images your computer came with, the answer most likely ranges from “somewhat” to “not even at all.” Wouldn’t you like to change that? We are thrilled to announce that…

music & audio

5 Expert Tips For Designing Incredible Album Art

Rebecca King is the founder of Renegade Chihuahua, who specializes in art and design for the music industry. Full disclosure: she’s also my wife. Given that she’s designed literally hundreds of covers for Universal Music Group and many independent bands alike, I thought she’d be…


Stop Downplaying Your Hard Work

When you read an interview with someone who’s successfully living off their creative endeavors, they often highlight how hard they worked to get where they are. They talk about their sacrifices and the back-breaking labor to create something. And while those are inspiring tales, so…

art & design

3 Ways Letterpress Still Impacts Modern Life

  In the time between when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press (around 1440) and, oh, 10 years ago, letterpress printing has had quite a roller-coaster ride. The technology that revolutionized the dispersal of information was a necessary – albeit clunky and expensive – piece of equipment for…

featured, freelancing

3 Tips For Mastering Monotasking

If you’re a creative person, chances are you’ve mastered the fine art of multitasking—or at least think you have. But in the face of growing evidence that trying to do multiple things at once is actually really bad for you, what’s a multi-faceted freelancer to…

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