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6 Necessary Email Marketing Tips For Musicians

Getting people to sign up for an email newsletter can be tough, but there are plenty of tricks that will help you convince fans (and potential fans) that you’re worthy of valuable real estate in their email inboxes. While that’s hard enough, it’s unfortunately only half the battle. Once you…

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What You Can Do With A $100 Marketing Budget

This article originally appeared on Sonicbids.  Your band is an investment. You’ve probably already spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment like PA systems, stands, strings, new instruments, and a plethora of other equipment, right? It’s normal to put money into something you care…

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The 6 Best Jobs for Touring Musicians

This article originally appeared on Sonicbids.  As a touring musician, it’s nice to have the financial stability that a day job can provide. Finding a job flexible enough to allow you to leave for several weeks or months at a time is crucial while you develop your…

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