Perfecting the Art of Patience

Sometimes working on a creative project seems like it takes forever. It can go on for months or even years to finish. And once we’re done, when we look back on all that time we’ve spent, it only seems fair that after a little break,…


The #1 Rule in Art: Don’t Lie to Yourself

You have probably heard that the best kind of art is honest; that it comes from a place which avoids cliche and communicates openly and genuinely. But that is impossible to do if the artist isn’t being honest with themselves. There are a million ways…


Need A Creative Boost? Explore New Surroundings

It’s not a new theory that getting out of your comfort zone to travel can inspire creativity and innovative thinking. A recent study continues to support the idea that a change of scenery is strong fuel for creativity, whether your travels take you far or…

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