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3 Tips For Mastering Monotasking

If you’re a creative person, chances are you’ve mastered the fine art of multitasking—or at least think you have. But in the face of growing evidence that trying to do multiple things at once is actually really bad for you, what’s a multi-faceted freelancer to…


Boredom: Embrace It Or Escape It?

Oscar Wilde wrote that ennui is life’s only unforgivable sin, yet ancient Chinese wisdom notes that you must pass through boredom to arrive at fascination. Whatever fascination awaits at the end of the tedium rainbow, most people still prefer to escape boredom, and it’s much…


3 Tips For Ruthless Self-Editing

For a writer, I sure do hate the process of coming up with creative concepts and pounding out words—but I love to edit. I get endless pleasure out of arranging and rearranging sentences, paragraphs, and pages. And yes, I’m aware that my fascination with revision…

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