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The Fader, Ep. 8: The Blair Brothers Talk Film Scoring

Ever since I started making records, I’ve wanted to get into film scoring. Beyond a traditional orchestral score, using the studio as a way to create music that moves a storyline along is a complicated and challenging endeavor requiring technical skill, creative intuition, and a tremendous amount of…


What Every Filmmaker Needs to Know About Film Festivals

My brother and I have been incredibly fortunate that some great films we’ve scored have gone onto screen at some of the world’s biggest film festivals, and others have enjoyed screen time at handfuls of comparatively smaller and yet completely memorable fests as well. Some…


Silicon Valley Cinematographer: Keep Your Gear Simple

You don’t need a ton of gear to shoot a movie that looks “big” — in fact, keeping it simple has its own unique set of benefits, which Jim Denault covered in detail in his CreativeLive class, The Cinematographer Prepares. Jim is the cinematographer for the…


How To Pick The Best Camera To Film Your Movie

There’s no two ways around it: If you want to a make a movie, you’re going to need gear. That said, it is possible to find the kind of workhorse tools that can help you shoot beautiful footage without going totally broke. Renowned cinematographer Jim Denault, ASC, says…

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