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Creating Monsters with Sam Boucher

After seeing these screenshots from his upcoming game, we had a few questions for Sam Boucher. He’s the creator and designer of GNOG: a wondrous journey through a universe of playfully interactive monster heads. Tell us a little bit about yourself. When and how did you become a…


Yes, Freelancing Is A Real Job

When starting your freelance career, or making new friends after it’s established, you may run into the very irritating attitude that what you’re doing is not actually a real job. Since you’re not going to the same place from 9-to-5, since you don’t have a…


Keep Clients Happy: Set Clear Boundaries

The freedom and flexibility of freelance life does not absolve you from the back and forth that comes with working on a team. In fact, every new client requires a new round of communicating expectations and setting boundaries. If you’ve been at it a while,…

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