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9 Hidden Gems For Outdoor Photographers

The best thing about outdoor photography is its versatility: whether you live in the middle of Manhattan or in rural Montana, there’s always an opportunity for a great shot. All you need is a little creativity and a great camera. That said, some locations are…

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How to Shoot the Perfect Night Sky Time-Lapse

Looking to learn the basics of time-lapse photography? Outdoor photographer Corey Rich is your new best friend –– especially when it comes to setting up a successful night sky time-lapse with your camera’s built-in interval-o-meter. Check out Corey’s tips regarding this popular genre of landscape…

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DSLR Camera Backpacks: Not Just For Kids

Remember when back-to-school meant shopping with your mom for a sweet new backpack? Those were the days. And, actually, those should still be the days, because camera backpacks are pretty cool and smart. The more popular messenger-style camera bags are great for when you’re swapping…

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