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Why Are Small Business Owners So Happy?

Despite the long hours, the financial stresses, and the general difficulty of running your own company, small business owners consistently report higher ratings of happiness, job satisfaction, and economic optimism than many other workers. So what’s their secret? In part, the positive feelings are economic;…

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Will 2015 Be The Year Of The Freelancer?

Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics still doesn’t really count freelancers in their monthly statistics, plenty of other brands and companies spent a lot of time and effort in 2014 trying to figure out exactly how deep the self-employed, sole-prop, part-timing world of freelancers runs….

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Are You Underemployed? Here’s How to Fix It

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics just did its job and released its monthly data about our jobs. Among the findings: Turns out, a lot of Americans are underemployed — which might be a more telling statistic than the more often-reported unemployment figures. The…