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Avoid Typography Mistakes With This Checklist

You Can Avoid These Typography Mistakes Avoiding typography mistakes takes a keen eye, a deft hand, and plenty of patience. However, being precise need not be overwhelming. Brushing up on your typography fundamentals and utilizing a typographic checklist will help ensure that your typesetting is both…

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How To Build Your Type Library

I’m frequently asked by aspiring designers and students alike about the best way to build a type library. With the evergrowing number of font resources – from the small, independent foundries to the mega font resellers and everything inbetween – the task can be overwhelming!…

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Understanding Figures Styles

Figures, also referred to as numerals or numbers, are a frequently-appearing element in typesetting. Not only are they used for addresses, phone numbers, dates and times, but also to indicate prices, quantities, measurements, and more. Today’s designer has several options when selecting figure styles. Unlike…

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