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A Bodoni Is A Bodoni Is A Bodoni…Right?

Bodoni is Bodoni is Bodoni – right? Not necessarily. There are several reasons why your version of a font might be different from someone else’s, or even another of your own fonts. Understanding this occasional and somewhat bewildering occurrence will help head-off potential problems later…

art & design

How Much Do Fonts Matter, Really? (Hint: A Lot)

Confession: I am a font snob. I agonize over font choices when others claim they can’t even really tell the difference. If you are reading this, you probably call on your inner font-­snob from time to time. And if you’re like me,­­ you rationalize the…

art & design

5 Things to Remember When Creating a Wordmark

Designing a wordmark* is part science and part feeling. As I learned in Michael Stinson’s Logo Design: Wordmarks class, the science of it has been lost in most modern design education. In previous generations, learning how to typeset with metal type was fundamental to becoming…

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