Why Video Marketing Is Your Next Best Move

video marketingIf you’re on social media at all — really, at all — you’ve definitely already seen (and probably shared) viral videos, which drive massive traffic to the websites who create and share them. But, because you don’t run a website like Buzzfeed or Upworthy, you probably haven’t thought about how video content can work for you, or even realized that you have the power to create video content. Enter author and business strategist Casey Zeman, who is about to blow your mind.

Video marketing isn’t just for millennials with webcams, vlogging about social trends — it’s a powerful business tool that can help you tell your brand story, connect in a personable, accessible way with new clients, and drive traffic back to your website. In Building Your Audience with Video, Casey explains how video marketing — webinars, Google Hangouts, or an active YouTube channel full of useful content  — can help you find new clients and build buzz around your brand.

Think you don’t have the resources to make quality video content? Think again.

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