5 Tips to Create A Brand Envy Photoshoot

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or a brand enthusiast looking for a social media transformation? Having a library of custom images for blogging and social media will drastically improve your digital strategy and have an enormous impact on how people engage with your brand. 

Photographer and brand strategist Jasmine Star’s teaches that memorable content begins with a strong point of view, authenticity, and consistency. In this sneak peek from her upcoming class ‘Your Social Media Bootcamp’ she explains how to create content that shares ideas and educates your ideal clients while still promoting your brand.

5 Tips To Prepare A Branded Flat Lay

  1. Don’t back away from collaborating with your photographers. They can help identify a visual story that speaks to your brand and create a series of flat lays that will cohesively work together. 
  2. Identify your brand’s visual style. Create a mood board or Pinterest board that speaks to your ideal customer that inspires and motivates them. The more visual references you have the easier it will be to collaborate with your photographer for the perfect shot. Subtle differences in color palettes, finishes, and quotes will make a big difference in how people remember your brand.
  3. Less is more. Photography is a subtractive art form. Be selective about what you choose to include in your flat lay images and leave negative space to add text in post-production with apps like Canva or WordSwag. 
  4. Incorporate motivational quotes as an engagement driver. Blank labels and smartphone screens are great to add text post-photoshoot.
  5.  Create a list to get all your props ready. Start by identifying props that compliment your brand story then divide your props for styling business and casual photos.

Dramatically improve and grow your social media marketing strategy. Learn how to develop a plan, consult and create with a brand photographer, and show up with content on days you think you have none. Sign up for Jasmine Star’s new class ‘Your Social Media Bootcamp’ streaming free June 24th-26th. RSVP Now.


Kym Cortigiano