The Photographer’s 7-Step Branding Checklist

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Get it together, photographer! Be the brand your clients (and potential clients) lust for. Stop acting small. Start acting big. It’s a chicken and egg, but you will never be a successful, renowned photographer if you don’t stop acting small. What are some of the things that stand out to you about the companies you like? Is it service? Is it branding? Make a list.

You need to check your brand. Put a focus group together of friends and family. People you can trust to give you some truth. No fluff. You need to figure out what messaging your brand as a photographer is sending to people. Is it high-end or mom-and-pop? Is it modern and current — or does your brand scream 1990s?

Here are 7 things every photographer needs to evaluate immediately:

– Your website.
– Your logo.
– Your posing, lighting, editing.
– Your product offerings.
– Your sample products — are they tired and worn? Time to refresh?
– Your social presence.
– Your marketing pieces.

Start there. Because this alone, will take you more time than you can imagine. Getting the feedback is just the beginning. Becoming the brand you want to be is the journey. You have to be committed.

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