Announcing The Ultimate Studio Makeover Winner (And Runner Ups!)

Twyla Hall Photography
Photo: Twyla Hall Photography

With over 200 entries in Julia Kelleher’s Ultimate Photography Studio Makeover contest, selecting a single winner for the grand prize was anything but easy. Thank you all for letting us into your studio and into your lives. We watched and appreciated all your efforts – touched by the creativity, skill, and passion shown in each and every video. We’re excited to announce our winner as well as 2 surprise runner ups, but before you watch their videos, enjoy a glimpse into the process from Julia:

“I cannot tell you how moving it was to watch the top entries. It was 4 in the morning, and I couldn’t sleep. And in the dark, I clicked on each one watching my students pour their hearts into the screen. With tears rolling down my cheeks I wished every single one of you could win what I know you so badly need. I am humbled at the effort you all put into this, and I hope and pray that even if you didn’t win, the process of doing this helped you. I saw so many “whys” out there – so much purpose. Some of you had it going into this. Some of you FOUND it doing this. Own it, live it, breath it and use that in every facet of your business. You are all so capable of success.”

A huge congrats to our grand prize winner, Twyla Hall Photography!

We’re all thrilled to see where Twyla’s photography goes next, and these words from Julia explain why she was selected as our winner: “It was obvious the winner has such a kind soul and she has struggled both in her business and in her family. Dealing with the unexpected, she embraced it. And chose to turn it into something good-something positive and something worldly. She chose to use what fate tossed her way to her advantage. Her perseverance, passion and individuality to make HER artistic voice her unique creative characteristic is what ultimately made her the perfect choice to win this. I know that with that kind of determination, she will be handle anything that her business or for that matter, life, throws her way. Congrats, Twyla. I can’t wait to see where fate brings you next!”

After watching over 200 videos from such incredible students, Julia named two runner ups. These two photographers will walk away with Julia’s “Studio In a Box,” which contains every business template on her website! Another big congrats to Sarah Lake Photography and Heather Pickett Photography!<

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