Tim Tadder on Capturing Athleticism, Sexuality For 2014 World Cup Calendar

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A few months ago, Tim Tadder joined us in Seattle during creativeLIVE Photo Week to teach how to create Epic Sports Portraits. Recently, Tim and digital artist Mike Campau were asked to team up  to create Brazil’s upcoming 2014 World Cup calendar, proving once again that they are two of the most sought-after artists in the sporting world. The FIFA World Cup is the most-watched sporting event in the entire world, leaving The Super Bowl and even The Olympics in the dust.

With several different locations, and 12 models performing unique soccer moves, Tim and Mike needed much more than the basics to make this shoot happen. In fact, Tim had to photograph each location separately before even meeting his models. DIY Photography recently published an interview with Tim about the shoot — in which Tim elaborates on the hurdles. “The challenge was to create dynamic images of the women in action, but still have a high level of female sexuality. There was a balance between being true to the move; but at the same time showing the best assets of the models.” Lighting was also a big challenge, Tim says. “We crafted each lighting scene to match the lighting of the background, based upon plates that I had shot the week before.” Each image also called for a custom lighting arrangement — an arrangement that Tim believes helped to “anchor [the models] into the scene.” Check out the BTS video here:

View DIY Photography’s full story here.

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