Tips For Making Your Music Go Viral


Social media has quickly become the go-to way for aspiring musicians to get their music out there (remember the days of Myspace? Memories!), but “going viral” and turning into an overnight sensation isn’t as easy as Lorde or Lana Del Rey make it look.

Jesse Cannon
Jesse Cannon

The trick is finding a way to go viral without becoming a one-hit-wonder, and Get More Fans authors Jesse Cannon and Todd Thomas say the best way to do so is through creating sharable content that is original and different. There should be something about your music that makes people stop what they’re doing, open Twitter or Facebook, and start sharing your song with friends!

If you’re trying to make music go viral, keep these tips from Jesse and Todd in mind: first up, make sure you pick the right song. You already know how to make music that you like, but going viral is all about creating content that other people like –– or at the very least feel the need to share with their friends and followers on social media.

You want to develop the idea for your song as much as possible, come up with a super-catchy title, test the final result on your own Facebook or Twitter to see if your friends click, and then do some research about where to submit it. Sharing music on your own social media accounts is a start, but you might want to check out podcasts and Reddit, as well as other media outlets and blogs. Basically, if you think the readers of a website would like your song, send it on over.

Just remember, if you’re lucky enough to go viral you don’t want to be turned into a one-hit-wonder. Instead, turn your followers into legit fans by continuing to produce music that’s worthy of them hitting the share button!

For more music tips, be sure to check out Jesse Cannon’s creativeLIVE course.

Source: Get More Fans


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